First 123 fashion artifacts
on Bitcoin network,
generated in co-creation
with AI & @pollyshot.

ETH NFT = your “ticket” to
“redeem” your Ordinal

PRICE: 0.321 ETH


Welcome to the world of Diverge - future of digital fashion

Diverge - is a Next-Gen Metaverse fashion company, exploring the way of expressing a digital identity, through high-end digital collectibles, that have utilities across Web3 eco-system and beyond.

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  • 3d files of the items
  • Exclusive access to “Underwater edition” Drop
  • Access to Diverge Immersive Closet in DOM Metaverse
  • Special Role in Discord
  • Access to private community channels in Discord
1st Wearable is Free, following = 0.00888 Eth
1 CloneX = 3 wearables available to claim

Our mission is to inspire Web3 communities to start a digital fashion journey and dive into experimenting with digital identity We strive to bring the aesthetic of high fashion into the virtual space while contributing to the mass adoption of digital fashion.

Our vision is to merge realities across fashion, virtual and gaming. With the purpose of building an ecosystem of fashion talents, digital artists, gamers, collectors and NFT lovers. Allowing them to research, co-create, develop a new creative and unique vision of fashion in virtual realities.


Diverge introduces high-quality fashion aesthetics into the virtual space, so that everyone can embark on a fashionable Metaverse journey


“IT-Bag of the Metaverse" an NFT of a glittering circle bag that comes in purple, silver, gold and blue by digital brand Diverge, is a fully wearable virtual accessory. Your IT-bag NFT can be superimposed as a 3D render onto your IRL photos and videos, desktop live streams using a unique AR filter or worn by your avatar in Decentraland


“The "metaverse fashion brand's" first NFTs aim to be "it bags of the metaverse" with 40 wearable bag and backpack designs. It’s a part of the list of notable NFT launches”


“DIVERGE is a new “metaverse fashion brand ecosystem” created by Perfilieva Diana with the purpose of bringing high fashion to Web3. It’s one of favorite fashion NFT and web 3 projects of Spring 2022”

We are driven to contribute to the future of fashion and to curate everyone in building up their digital identity and dressing-up their avatars

We push the digital fashion forward to open up the opportunity for more sustainable self-expression

We strive to reduce environmental waste and to accelerate more ecological business solutions in contrast to traditional fashion

We are building a strong community, where established fashion talents, creatives-at-large and digital innovators get together to share ideas, inspirations and co-create together

We believe that the Metaverse and the physical world can co-exist together in synergy. They can support each other, benefit from each other and complement their eco-systems

We will create value through meaningful 1 of a kind collaborations with physical brands by implementing innovative practices to engage with both communities in a new, more fun and interactive way.

We advocate digital fashion and believe that, in the future, it will be even more exciting to dress-up your avatar than picking up an outfit in in the physical world. With this vision, we are driven to deliver the best digital fashion assets and collectibles to the Metaverse.

Meta It Bag - is the first digital collectible you need to enter the Metaverse fashion journey.

We are building an easy all-in-one solution, that unlocks a set of high-end wearables across Web3 eco-system.
It will open up the way to dress-up your avatar and get fashionable experiences. It represent a community token and your Digital Closet, granting exclusive access to curated high-end total outfits and valuable perks.

Diverge merge realities across fashion, digital and gaming.

Be the first to know how to get community rewards

We are a team with a strong fashion background and passion for innovations and Web 3. We aim to bring our many years of experience in the fashion industry to the Metaverse and together with our advisors from gaming, digital art, blockchain and tech industries merge digital and fashion realities. Our experience includes building popular fashion brands from scratch, working with luxury fashion houses, major fashion media companies and A list celebrities.

We are here to push the digital fashion forward as we believe that in future it will be more exciting to dress-up your avatar than picking up your outfit in the physical world. We’re part of RTFKT, FWB, BAYC, and many other communities. Backed by a number of prominent angel investors and funds.

Dina Perfilieva

Dina Perfilieva

Founder and CEO

Olga Yanul

Olga Yanul

Fashion Curator

Anastasia Bilous

Anastasia Bilous

PR Director

Asya Sumik

Asya Sumik

Community Manager

Anastasia Vitruk

Anastasia Vitruk


Ahmed Hadjeres

Ahmed Hadjeres

NFT & Tech lead

James Patry-Dodd

James Patry-Dodd

Community Manager

Bohdan Suchyk

Bohdan Suchyk

Advisor: Gaming and Esports

  • Editorial photo
  • Wear in AR
  • Airdrop of ready-to-Metaverse wearables
  • Early access to Diverge spaces across Metaverse platforms
  • Percent of Diverge sales
  • Exclusive access to Diverge IRL events
  • Access to private community channels
  • Exclusive access to all Diverge Drops for Holders

We push the digital fashion forward to open up the opportunity for more sustainable self-expression

Be the first to know how to get community rewards

We are reshaping the fashion industry and stepping into the world of the digital and physical by building a bridge between these two worlds in a new collaboration with Sinead Gorey. An emerging fashion brand from London, worn by Miley Cyrus, Sita Bellan, Bia, Cardi B and many more. Unlock exclusive digital and physical benefits. This Digital Twin "Dress to Access" is your pass to the “Underwater Edition” Drop and more.

Unlock exclusive digital and physical benefits:

  • - Allow list spot to “Underwater edition” Drop
  • - Spot in a raffle to win a physical fashion piece
  • - Secret promo-code to buy physical pieces from our partners with discount
  • - Access to the private community channels in Discord


  • Genesis NFT Drop – Sold out
  • Website launch
  • Initiate Diverge community on social media
  • 1st Airdrop of Metaverse wearables
  • AR lens of IT bags
  • Diverge events in the Metaverse
  • Establish media relations


  • Genesis Total look launch
  • Participation in digital events
  • Second Airdrop of Metaverse wearables
  • Launch Diverge space in the Metaverse
  • Establish Partnerships and Collaborations


  • Collabs with NFT projects
  • Free mint – collab with top physical fashion brand
  • Mint website launch
  • NFT drop – Paid Mint (community tokens)
  • Marketing activations with top NFT projects
  • Launch fashion mini game in the Metaverse


  • Launch of Diverge skins in top games (Roblox, Zepeto)
  • Integrations with top Metaverse projects
  • Special projects in collab with digital influencers


  • IRL events and activities
  • Celebrity partnerships
  • Third airdrop of Metaverse wearables
  • Marketing activations with top NFT project
  • Launch smart wearables

Join our Metaverse fashion revolution


This Digital Twin is your access to “Underwater edition” DROP and more...